Tips to Help You Save On Your Car Rental

Car Rental UAE

The process of renting a car can often be an expensive affair but is often necessary for any trip. Similar to airfares and hotel trips, car rental rates can also be relatively opaque, making it difficult for one to identify various ways through which they can save money. In this article, we cover a few ways through which you can save on your car rental UAE to enjoy significant savings and not having to make any adjustments to your travel plans.

Opt for Local Car Rentals

There are several international car rental brands in the region, but what many are unaware of, is the number of local brands that offer the same quality but at lower rates. We recommend conducting thorough research as you can compare prices and finalize on the one that not only offers you a good price but will also provide you with high quality. You will be surprised by the results, as you will come across several local brands that provide highly competitive rates.

Tips to Help You Save On Your Car Rental

Join Loyalty Programs

There are quite a few car rental companies that offer their loyal customers discounts, add-ons, and other privileges. If you haven’t been renting a car for long enough, explain your inclination towards being a long-term customer. It might increase your chance of qualifying for the loyalty program. Those who have been constantly visiting a car rental though are in for a treat as they are certainly going to reap the benefits each time, either through discounts or a free upgrade.

Identify Your Purpose of Renting

Before finalizing your decision, you may want to identify your purpose, requirements budget, and other related factors, so you find the best and most suitable car rental. Start by determining the size of the vehicle you plan on renting; if you are just two people, you may want to consider a luxury sedan or a fuel-efficient car depending on the purpose. That’s why it is important to identify your purpose beforehand. Other factors that you need to take into consideration are the insurance, mileage limit, and any add-ons that you may require. We suggest reading the contract thoroughly so you are aware of all the policies and terms.

Identify Your Purpose of Renting

Look for Alternative Models

We have come across several drivers who are hell-bent on a particular model or make, either due to the trend of peer pressure. If you are not very conscious about the model or don’t have the budget for it, we recommend opting for an alternative, that will offer you similar features at a much lower price. This way you don’t have to squeeze your budget and can enjoy the experience for a much lower rate.

Avoid Renting at Airports

If you have just landed in the city, an airport car rental may seem alluring and appealing as you get to eliminate the hassles of waiting in long queues for public transport. That being said these can be quite expensive, which is why we recommend skipping it altogether. You are more likely to find a better deal in the city along with a wider variety.