Tips to Source A Cheap Car Rental Service

Car rental services sometimes charge you more than necessary without you knowing it. There are different ways to realize where you may be overpaying and understanding how to avoid that in a car rental company. Here are a few of them.

Compare Prices

When trying to rent a car, never go with the first option you see as the suggestion. Look around you and take recommendations from people you know. Go on the net and look up websites that compare prices of various car rental Business Bay Dubai services. This will give you a good idea of the range of costs you want to negotiate.

Use Your Credit Card

A handy tip to decrease your expenditure on rental cars is to check if your credit card company has any services for the same. You could use your earned rewards to get better deals as well. Another option is to let your card company offer rental cars and car insurance at a discount.

Weekly Rates Are Cheaper

If you do the math, you will notice that weekly car rental plans are actually cheaper than day plans. So, it’s okay to rent a car for the whole week even if you only need for four days. It would ultimately end up costing you less than hiring a car for 4 days separately.

Car Rental Business Bay Dubai

Avoid Renting at The Airport

The car rental service needs to pay for the space they occupy at the airport so consequently they charge you a larger amount for car rental than normal. We suggest you avoid the urge to rent a car as soon as you land into a new city.

Buy What You Need

There’s a big difference between buying things you need and buying things that they are selling. Think if you really need the navigation system or GPS tracking, they’re trying to get you to buy as an add-on or your google maps is working just fine. There are usually bigger margins on these add-ons than the actual car.

Fuel It Up Yourself

It is so much cheaper to fill the tank yourself than to ask the car rental service provider to do it. So, make sure that you keep the gas tank full before returning the car.

When you want to Drive Plus Rent A Car Dubai, always remember these tips to get yourself to save money on car rentals so that you can spend it enjoying your holiday.

What Features Are Essential for Rental Cars in Dubai?

When you go for monthly car rental in Dubai, you can get a great deal on rental charges. There are several car rental companies at the forefront in providing amazing car driving experience when you pick a rental car in Dubai and at affordable prices. However, before signing on the dotted line, make sure to check whether the vehicle is equipped with necessary features and accessories. Want to know what these are? Then read on:

ABS System

Anti-Lock Brakes (ABS) ensure that you remain firmly in control of your car in case of sudden braking. This feature will prevent the wheel from locking up in such emergency situations. As a result, your car maintains tractive contact with the road surface. Also, in the case of icy surfaces, the car will be prone to skidding. Here, the ABS system will keep the vehicle and its occupants protected with decreased stopping distances.

Climate Control

Climate Control

The weather conditions in the Emirate can quickly transform into extreme weather. In such scenarios, you and the other passengers need to be comfortable at all times. This is where the climate control feature comes in handy. It continuously tweaks the car’s AC and heating configuration to maintain a steadily consistent and comfortable temperature around the car cabin.


These have become more of a regular feature nowadays. Airbags deploy automatically in case the car meets with a collision. In such unfortunate cases, the drivers and the passengers need to be protected from bodily injuries. This step helps prevent grievous injuries and keep passengers safe. Make sure that the rental car has this particular feature without fail.


Navigation becomes easy when you have a GPS installed in the rental car. Many road signs are in Arabic and may or may not have the English variant of the text. Hence it is better to be guided by a reliable GPS system. Rental agencies use such technology for benefits like geo-fencing, auto fencing, speed tracking, and fuel monitoring.

Parking Sensors

Parking Sensors

City and downtown driving need parking sensors. They guide the driver to park the vehicle without colliding into obstacles like other cars. From a safety perspective, this is an essential feature that needs to be installed in the rental car.


Such accessories come in handy when you want to go for long term leases, especially for a month. These features will provide a comfortable and safe driving experience for all passengers in the car. Agencies like Speedy Drive Car Rental are at the forefront in providing amazing car driving experience when you pick a rental car in Dubai.

The Importance of Laser Engraving for Any Business

The demand for customization of merchandise is at an all-time high. This is applicable to most industries. So independent businesses that sell personalized engraved items are growing with this demand. This is why you should consider getting engraved merchandise. Of all types of engraved merchandise, laser engraving is emerging as the most popular as a result of its effectiveness and aesthetic appeal.


Laser engraving service is used to personalize items and its use has been increasing recently because of the importance of personalized gifts. Personalizing an item makes it more special and intimate, gift or not. Any simple item can be engraved and the importance of that item increases. Etsy is an e-commerce website that supports a lot of vendors selling a lot of personalized merchandise like jewelry, watches, glasses, dog collars, pens, etc. Laser engraving is an easy way to turn heads to your small business. Laser engraving actually is a great way to customize items.

Laser Engraving Service

More Accessible

Laser engraving machines are becoming more and more common among vendors and they keep getting affordable. Initially, the supply was limited but it became essential to get a laser engraving machine for small businesses. Engraving machines are found and delivered globally. Now, with more accessibility to engraving machines, more industries are using them other than only the small businesses in places like Etsy.


A lot of people are doing things for themselves and founding small businesses in the wake. Makers are growing because of attention to DIYs, creativity and acquiring a new skill. Makers are encouraged now with kick starter and crowdfunding. They have given a platform to put out products that are unique and creative. Laser engraving is a handy tool in the hands of such makers because of its high functionality. Laser engraving tools can enable businesses accompanied by funds and a creative approach.

Laser Engraving Machines

Rise in Branding

Branding is important to establish a presence in the market. Laser engraving enables that but with laser engraving, you can also determine the ownership of corporate assets. This is helpful if anything gets stolen because the engraving will show that it is a stolen item and therefore top it from the resale. Laser engraving machines also mark barcodes and numbers.

These factors and many more have put engraved items at the top when it comes to easy customization. Visit here to start buying engraving articles.

How to Plan an Exhibition in Dubai?

Organizing an exhibition is a long process but it is very profitable if done right. Things like logistics, design, content, and budget are crucial and must have separate teams dedicated to each one of them.

A well-executed exhibition can be a huge and profitable platform for your business or art. This is why you should know what you want to organize an exhibition and what you want to do at the exhibition. An art exhibition could have new as well as new displays. You can select a theme and message to give to your audience. An art exhibition is a great way to gain new admirers. This also applies to fashion exhibitions.

A trade exhibition can help your product get exposure from industry professionals and customers alike. An exhibition can be a great way to start your market research. A real push would be a MICE Dubai event.

Some of the basic things you need to think about when organizing an exhibition are:

The Venue

The venue for your exhibition can affect your exhibition massively. It determines how many guests will come to your exhibit and how many exhibitors will be available. The venue also builds a general image of the exhibition. An opulent location or a normal hall can make a difference and so does the locality of these venues.

Well-Executed Exhibition


You need to keep aside a part of your budget for marketing your product and exhibition. Marketing helps you get publicity from exhibitors and guests alike. You need to highlight what is special about your event and attract exhibitors by making sure that your event attracts potential customers for them. Your marketing strategy must match your exhibit theme.


Get a vague idea about the decor of your venue. Match it with your theme. Arrange for the furniture the same way. Do your research to know what is better for your venue as well as your budget. No matter what your product or theme is, you need to fix the extent of technology you will be using in the exhibition. You can give technology as much priority as you wish. All of this makes a lasting impression on your guests.

Design Exhibition


A logistics team is required to monitor the event when it comes to things like setting up exhibitors, arrival and departure, parking, accommodation, etc.

These were some basic things to get your exhibition planning started. You can also allocate parts of your budget to food, drinks, and other hospitality. Hope this article helped. Remember to go for professional exhibition stand companies in Dubai.