How to Find the Perfect Microsoft Partner for Your Business?

A good Microsoft partner would open up so many possibilities for customization in Dynamics 365. This can very well help you utilize the software as per your every need and work smoothly with your employees. So, a partner should be chosen with careful thought for your company’s good future.

Customer Service

You as a businessman know the importance of good customer service. Your Microsoft partner must be good at understanding your needs and accommodating your ideas towards your business. A Microsoft partner should know well that every customer has different needs and expectations. Make sure that your partner is best in customer service and knows how to make business easy for you.

Customer Service

Better Options

Microsoft partners will work with you to control and manage data with Microsoft but they are also expected to know how to make the very most of the software’s for the benefit of your business. They do so by customizing modules to better work with their clients. These modules will bring out the very best in your software making the investment worthwhile.

After Set Up

A Microsoft partner needs to see you through the whole process up until you’re used to operating the system without any need for help. If this is your first time working with Dynamics 365, it is better to discuss plans of staff training sessions with them beforehand. Include it in the agreement if you can. Make sure you Microsoft partner stays till the time your team is well versed with the software. If you need more support you can always sign up for managed services for your IT department. These services can help you with updates, any troubleshoot issues and help you with any other issues.



Your partner should know what your business needs. Along with that, they should also have strengths matching your needs. That is how you can make most of the partnership. When you know what you want in your dynamics 365 system, see what a partner can do for your needs. Ask them how well they can help you with a feature and other things pertaining to your requirements from the software. Your needs should coincide with their skill set. This is extremely important to ensure proper servicing.

These were some necessary pointers for when you choose a Microsoft partner. A good partner is very crucial to make the most out of your Dynamics 365 which is now going to be a very important addition to your day to day affairs.

Five Tips to Buy the Ideal Industrial Generator

There are different points to take into considerations while shortlisting industrial generators. Keep a technician beside you in case you need advice on any matter. Here are some pointers we have made to ensure you invest in the most suitable industrial generator.


When choosing your generator, make sure you choose one of a reputed energy solutions UAE company that can also provide installation and maintenance services. Choose a generator company that understands your power supply needs and handles the work accurately and quickly.

Power Capacity

Assess the extent of the area you are trying to cover under this generator and decide your budget accordingly. Once you have done this, half the battle is won. After this, you must decide if you want to power the entire premises by this generator or only the parts of it. When choosing a generator, don’t forget the amperage that is provided to your site by the local power supply. You need to call upon a good technician to analyze how much power you will be needing and consult you in buying the correct generator.

Understand the Fuel Types

Power generators use gas, petrol or diesel as fuel. The cost and availability of the fuel you are going to choose matters. The same goes for regulations regarding the same. They should be taken into consideration to avoid any complications. You have a choice between going for the gas, diesel or petrol type as per your budget and needs.

Energy Solutions UAE


Rooftop placement of the generator is the most commonly chosen option. But before making a decision, check if your roof is strong enough to bear the weight of the generator and that you aren’t breaking any rules by installing it on the roof. Do NOT install it in a basement if your area is prone to flooding. However, if you do decide to install it indoors, make sure to provide sufficient ventilation. We recommend that you think about installing it away from the building and closer to the fuel source.

Transfer Switch

Nowadays, it is common to find an automatic transfer switch in your generator. This way, when there is a power outage, you power supply will automatically switch from your normal power supply to generator supply. Manual transfer switch can be installed if you want. That depends upon your needs, like you won’t install a manual transfer switch in a hospital.

Types of Container

You can choose between an open and enclosed container to store the generator in. choose an enclosed container that will reduce sound if your area has noise restrictions. There are other kinds of enclosures for different climate, temperature and noise issues.

These were some of the important pointers to remember when shopping for a good generator for your jobsite.

Five Mouth-Watering Middle Eastern Desserts

Any vacation is incomplete without tasting the local cuisines. Are you a resident of Dubai or the UAE? Or perhaps, you are a tourist experience the unique culture and beauty of the Middle East? Why drool over pictures and videos of desserts on Instagram when you can come to Dubai and experience them for yourself? The cafes in Dubai are offering high quality and authentic Arabic desserts made with local ingredients and most importantly, lots of love! Savor the authentic taste of Middle Eastern dessert with a twist of modernity added to it. Satisfy your sweet tooth with these 5 mouth-watering desserts.

Saffron Milk Cake

If you are a vegetarian and craving something sweet, try the saffron milk cake. This is a classic dessert from the Middle East that incorporates saffron milk sauce, light-whipped cream, and saffron threads which is unique to the Emirates. It is soft and moist and will melt in your mouth!

Saffron Milk Cake

Ferrero Rocher Cake

This is a perfect blend of the traditional Emirati dessert recipe and the modern elements. If you are a hardcore lover of chocolate, you will absolutely enjoy this dessert. Enjoy the soft chocolate cake that is garnered with thick Ferrero Rocher ganache frosting and pieces of Ferrero Rocher. Whether it’s your birthday or if you’re feeling sad after an emotional film, this cake will be your perfect companion.

Pistachio Milk Cake

Do you love those green little bits of heaven that some people call Pistachio? Then you are going to love this cake! This is another dessert loaded with fresh pieces of pistachio, which is then drenched in flavored milk. The milk cake is topped with a swirl of freshly whipped cream and pieces of dried pistachio. Experience the exotic flavours of the Arabian through this pistachio milk cake.

Rose Cake

Whether you need to impress someone or just soothe your aching heart or just a cake to share among your friends, you have the Emirate’s special Rose cake. The cake is drenched in milk that has been flavoured with rose, further topped with a swirl of freshly whipped cream. They then add dried rose petals for garnishing purposes. This sponge cake is also perfect for anyone who is vegetarian.



Faloodeh is a traditional Persian cold dessert. It is made with frozen rose water syrup, lime, and fine noodles. It has a sweet and sour taste that will explode your taste buds. This sorbet-like dessert has been extremely popular in Iranian tradition for thousands of years. Experience the age-old authentic taste of UAE dessert in your nearest cafe.

Source a traditional Arabic restaurant to be able to try out these delicious desserts.

How You Can Have A Palatable Sushi Experience

As more and more restaurants and bars are offering authentic sushi in Dubai, it can be a little overwhelming to decide where you should try this delicious meal. The key is to do your research, follow some tips, narrow down your options, and try a few places before you have your favorite spot in Dubai for a great sushi dining experience.

In this article you will learn about the best tips on how you can surprise your taste buds with authentic and traditional flavors right in the heart of the city. Keep these ideas on your fingertips to find the best sushi around the city so you can decide your go-to place if someone asks you your favorite Sushi bar Dubai.

Make A Note of The Restaurants

The internet is the best answer to every question these days. Go on and search for the best sushi bars and restaurants around Dubai. You can check out reviews, restaurant ratings, and all the other detail that you are looking for. If something looks too tempting to ignore, make sure you add it to your list.

Compare the Price

Dubai is full of luxurious experiences. But it doesn’t mean you should break the bank if you are visiting on a budget and yet want to try out your favorite food. Comparing the prices of the different restaurants will also help you narrow down your list of options. The price could drastically vary depending on the overall experience the sushi restaurant has to offer. However, if food is your only focus, you can let go off the other things and choose a place that offers the best flavors to have a great sushi experience.

Sushi bar Dubai

Look for Specialized Restaurants

Not every restaurant may offer you a delicious sushi meal on a constant basis. Look for a restaurant that always offers sushi as a staple on the menu instead of serving only occasional sushi specialty. This way you can ensure getting your hands on a fresh supply of your favorite meal without any trouble.

Go for An Eat-All-You-Can Menu

Some restaurants offer a eat-all-you-can deal on the menu. If you want to try out the exotic varieties of sushi, nothing could beat this experience. You can find up to 40 varieties on this deal and even if it is pricier than the other options, it’s going to be worth every penny!

Take Someone Along

You can push any experience top-notch if you have a company that enjoys sushi as much as you do. This also suggests that you should always take suggestions from other sushi lovers in Dubai to try out your favorite meal where it’s served the best.

Last but not the least, make your sushi experience in Dubai more adventurous by trying out different varieties of sushi with confidence. You can never know what sushi all is about until you try it. If you’re looking for a one-stop shop for a great sushi dining experience in Dubai, click here. You can thank us later!

Eat hearty!

The Various Features of Bank Guarantee Charges

In this day and age, it is very easy to start a new venture but extremely difficult to keep it afloat. Entrepreneurs have to constantly think of new ideas and investment opportunities to maximize their returns. And with the marketing expanding internationally has only added on to the pressure. You need to go global is you want an edge over your peers. Bank guarantee statements are instruments that help you with this process. Here the bank holds liability in case of failure to comply with the agreement. Listed below are some core features of the bank guarantee charges that you should know about;

What Is Bank Guarantee?

Bank guarantee is a promise by any reputed financial institution to support and endorse a client’s claims of payment. In any foreign trade transaction, there are basically three parties involved, the buyer, the seller and the bank. The buyer is the person getting the benefit, the seller whom the payment has been promised to and the bank which becomes the guarantor and facilitator of this transaction.

Bank Guarantee Charges Dubai

Adds Credibility

Bank guarantee adds on to the credibility of the deal and gives the seller the much-needed assurance of payment. It is important to note that banks don’t go about offering their support to just about any customer. The client has to prove their credit worthiness and have a substantial financial backup. Bank guarantees are usually seen as a last resort when all else fails.

Improves Brand Presence

Being associated with a reputed financial institution and endorsed by this bank is also a great addition to your market reputation. In UAE, companies are generally on the lookout for clients that have a solid backing from the bank. With bank guarantee, your brand also becomes a more promising and effective name in the sector. Sellers can depend on you for timely payments

Bank Guarantee Charges UAE

Reduced Risks

With bank guarantees the risks for loss reduce considerably. This is because the bank involves itself in the transaction, promising to cover the losses of the client in case of a mishap. It also enhances your credibility as a dealer. With the bank holding all liability of payment you are also protected from any legal consequences that the seller might impose.

Bank guarantee services offered by are some of the best in the UAE area. You can visit their website, read the customer reviews and ratings to get a better idea about the facilities they offer. That will be a unique way to understand the features of bank guarantee charges effectively.

Why Is It Crucial to Identify and Evaluate the Scope of Business?

The historical backdrops of business industries are overflowing with instances of organizations that once were at the prime pinnacle of success but today find themselves struggling to keep up with the cutthroat competition.

Evaluation is one of the first and most important steps to improve business. Business evaluation helps organizations continuously improve by customizing strategies for growth and evaluating inadequacies within the current business structure. Many companies such as consulting do an evaluation to give them a better understanding of the company’s position.

Identify Risks

In today’s business world, even the most profitable businesses have been drowning in losses that lead to bankruptcy. Often times, the reasons behind these losses are the inability to identify the root causes and problems. As the saying goes ‘One can’t manage what they can’t measure’, Identifying risks, problems and issues can help in planning appropriate strategies to manage risks and improve risk management. Appropriate measures can be taken to avoid large scale risks, minimize risks and repair damages ahead of time.

Identify Risks

Discover Key Areas

As the saying goes ‘Discovery is the mother of all invention’.

Examining key areas enables businesses to chart out the right plans, structures, and frameworks ensuring maximum productivity and outcome. Discovering key areas help businesses highlight the areas of strength that will take your business forward as well as learn about areas that require improvement. Evaluating businesses allow you to look at your business from different angles and enhance your chances of success. Once a business has identified the win-win’s they can allocate their resources accordingly to excel in the key areas that possess scope for excellence and gloss over areas that hold no value.

Customize Business Strategies

Evaluating core activities, performance, sales, products and services and other areas of operations empower businesses to understand where they stand and how to position themselves next. Business evaluation aids in crafting customized long-term strategies for future planning, analyzing and decision-making. Customization is key to channel your business in the right direction, in the right market, and to the right target audience. It facilitates businesses to adapt to continually changing consumer trends thus, giving you a compelling and competent advantage in the market.

Customize Business

Boost Productivity

Identifying risks, evaluating businesses and strategizing efficiently enables businesses to plan a course of action ahead of time. Business evaluations help discover unmatched opportunities to facilitate growth and sustain development.

Once a business has recognized its pain-points, it can chalk out ways by which they can improve internal processes, position the company and satisfy their customers. Finding solutions to the minute of minute glitches and effortlessly working towards mending them boost productivity and provide maximal benefits to businesses. Get business evaluation services from the right consultant to help improve your organization.

Why Are Amaron Batteries the Best in The Market?

One of the most common causes of car issues is a weak or bad battery. A car is made up of electrical components which won’t start without electricity. The car battery is responsible for the conversion of chemical energy to electrical energy which then starts and keeps the vehicle running. Because of the function of a car battery, it is important to choose one that will serve you well and for a long time. Amaron is a famous and trusted battery brand in the global market. They provide superior and authentic batteries for all types of vehicles. Although the price range is a bit expensive, the products are definitely worth it. An Amaron battery is an excellent investment. Five reasons why Amaron batteries Dubai are expensive but worth it.

Variety of Batteries

Amaron offers a wide range of batteries designed for different types and models of vehicles. Their branded lead-acid batteries can bring any car to life. They come in different sizes and capacities, and you can contact the company if you’re not sure what type to get. With Amaron, you’re bound to find the perfect battery for your car.

Amaron Batteries Dubai

Good Battery Life

When you buy a car battery, you expect it to last long. However, this is not always the case because of the numerous sub-par products and fake brands on the market. Amaron batteries are made from the finest materials. They are of high quality and are designed to last between 3-5 years. However, you must ensure you use your car often otherwise the battery life will reduce. Weather, bad roads, and driving habits will also affect it but the impact will be less significant or evident because it is a strong battery.

Great Reserve Capacity

Reserve Capacity (RC) is an important factor that determines how efficient and reliable a car battery is. It determines how long your car can run for if the alternator fails. The higher the reserve capacity, the longer your car can operate should it experience sudden alternator failure or fan belt damage.

Amaron Batteries UAE

Zero Maintenance Battery

Amaron batteries are engineered delicately and with the best materials to avoid faults. They use advanced lithium technology which boosts car performance irrespective of the season or roads. The batteries don’t require major maintenance, just the occasional checking. This saves you money and time.

Extended Warranty

Good battery brands offer a longer warranty. Amaron offers at least 2 years warranty on their products. You don’t have to worry about battery problems. If anything comes up, you can easily contact the company, provide the battery details, and get it fixed.

Handy Tips for Driving in the Dubai Fog

Handy Tips for Driving in the Dubai Fog

According to research, the highest number of car accidents in Dubai takes place during the foggy season. Some of the most heard reasons behind these accidents are speeding, reckless driving, not cleaning the car’s windows before driving, and not using a belt. If you wish to stay safe from the dangers of deep, unending fog that covers the roads of Dubai, these are the handiest tips that you need to remember while driving on the road:

Drive as Slow

Drive Slow

The simplest yet the most important and the most powerful tip to stay safe from the possibility of accidents during fog is to drive as slow as you can. As mentioned above, overspeeding accounts for the highest number of car accidents in Dubai. Going slow safeguards, you from the possibility of a collision thus making it easy to drive in the fog. Using quality tires such as Michelin tyres would also be advisable.

Be Distant

While you are driving, make sure to maintain distance from the car that is right in front of you and right in your back. Doing so will give the other two cars ample time to push the brakes in the likelihood of any unfortunate event. If the cars are close to each other, a collision can result in the loss of life in a matter of seconds.

Drive Calmly

If the road is foggy and you are in a hurry to reach somewhere, driving faster will only ensure that you don’t reach your destination at all. In such a case, you must remember to drive calmly, and slowly and make sure to fix your eyes on the road. Being in a rush can impact the way you drive, and this can be extremely detrimental to your life and your car.

Be Aware

If you are planning to drive a car on the road, being aware is the best that you can do for yourself and the people traveling with you. Keep your eyes on the road and drive vigilantly. Staying aware will make you spot any faulty driving patterns followed by those on the road and safeguard yourself instantly.

Clean Your Windshield

Clean Your Windshield

Before you head out, make sure to wipe off the layer of fog and dewdrops from your car’s windshield and make your car window as clear as a canvas. Make sure to wipe off not just your main windshield but also the back of your car. Doing so will give you the ability to see long-off distances and drive accordingly.

The foggy season can be a dangerous one for driving cars, but with these tips, you will be able to pave the way for a safe and happy ride, every time you drive your car! Lastly, we recommend every car owner invest in a good set of tires to keep themselves safe in the foggy season. Learn more about the importance of good tires and buy tyres online UAE if need be.

Why are Car Rentals Gaining Immense Popularity in UAE?

Why are Car Rentals Gaining Immense Popularity in UAE

Car rental services have become immensely popular over the years and the trend shows no signs of slowing down. Car rental services will expect a greater number of customers lining up at the counters. Besides the tourists, there is a large number of businessmen who keeps traveling to the nation quite often, both of whom need car rental services. Let us delve deeper into this and other reasons behind this surge in popularity.

Social Media For Rent Car

Social Media

The social customer relationship management comes into play when the internet becomes a place for deals. These car rental companies provide you with a lot of offers online to give discounts to the customers and give them the cheapest rental car for hire. This has also helped in increasing the value of the car renters in the county. As the internet has turned out to be a place for providing various opportunities to the people who are hiring for a car, it has indirectly increased the market value of the car rental companies.

Growth & Revenue

Tourism alone does not contribute to the growth of rental companies. These are also used by people who are traveling the nation for a business meeting or who want to expand their business in the nation. There are also some people who come to the nation to stay for say 2 to 3 years, they also use these cars instead of buying a new one.

Evolution of the Car Rental

Evolution of The Car-Rental Market

There has been a change in the automobile industry, as people are now not looking to buy a car. Instead of that, they are more likely to rent a car whenever required. The car rental sale showed that there is an increase of almost 35% in the car rental business. Now, many of them are thinking to invest in this field.


Since, the market is still growing, and for long-term success and brand establishment, you should be able to tackle the customers effectively. Each customer needs to be dealt with differently depending on the circumstances. A room full of creative energies and a place for improvement and to listen to the customer’s problem will help in building trust among the customers. This is one of the great marketing skills as well.

The vacationers, as well as businessmen who are traveling to the city, usually opt for a rental car; a fact that has helped the car renters to grow immensely over the years. For more information about rental cars or to hire a car.

Guide to Find the Best Water Heaters in Dubai

Water heaters are often something that is taken for granted in the home. You turn on your tap and expect the water to be hot but what if you were to open the tap and the water did not heat up? Unfortunately, nothing was built to last forever, and the day will come when you need to replace your trusty water heater. But what are the topwater heaters and where can you start your search for the best efficient water heater in UAE? For a glimpse at the best water heaters in Dubai visit the Atlantic Comfort website and view our wide assortment of water heaters.

Water Heaters

Identify Your Needs and Budget

Before you make any type of purchase it is important to determine what your needs and budget are. In other words, if you are a single person you will not need a high-capacity water heater. But purchasing a small water heater for a family of five would not be wise. Since water heaters have a long life expectancy, it is important to make the most financially sound choice for your household when you make a purchase.

Look for Energy Star Products

Energy Star’s website is filled with reviews, ratings, and descriptions of a wide variety of products. If you are looking for an energy-efficient product then you should start by looking at what products are recommended by Energy Star and have received the ‘star of approval’. Only the most energy-conscious products make it onto their listings so you know that you can trust their opinion.

Water Heater Types

There are many different types of water heaters differing in cost and performance. The type that you choose will greatly depend on your need which is why it is important to know this from the get-go. Let’s have a look at some of your options:


A standard high-efficiency model

Just because it is referred to as ‘standard’ does not mean that it is sub-par in any way. The high-efficiency water heater is similar to the conventional old models with the only difference being how the water is heated and kept hot. In these models, water is heated from the center-outwards instead of from the bottom-up. Insulation on these tanks is also more advanced keeping the water hot for longer.

Who needs a tank anyway?

Sometimes you do not have space in your home for a large storage tank and this is when tankless water heaters come into play. With no storage tank, the water is instead heated when the tap is opened. This means that you do not need to worry about storage space or keeping a tank insulated.

Solar energy

Solar-powered water tanks are in high demand; particularly in cities like Dubai. The sunny conditions allow for a great opportunity for the panels to receive power making for great savings on energy costs. Even though the initial costs are a lot higher than the other types, you can make amazing savings over the long run by investing in the best water heaters Dubai.