Handy Tips for Driving in the Dubai Fog

Handy Tips for Driving in the Dubai Fog

According to research, the highest number of car accidents in Dubai takes place during the foggy season. Some of the most heard reasons behind these accidents are speeding, reckless driving, not cleaning the car’s windows before driving, and not using a belt. If you wish to stay safe from the dangers of deep, unending fog that covers the roads of Dubai, these are the handiest tips that you need to remember while driving on the road:

Drive as Slow

Drive Slow

The simplest yet the most important and the most powerful tip to stay safe from the possibility of accidents during fog is to drive as slow as you can. As mentioned above, overspeeding accounts for the highest number of car accidents in Dubai. Going slow safeguards, you from the possibility of a collision thus making it easy to drive in the fog. Using quality tires such as Michelin tyres would also be advisable.

Be Distant

While you are driving, make sure to maintain distance from the car that is right in front of you and right in your back. Doing so will give the other two cars ample time to push the brakes in the likelihood of any unfortunate event. If the cars are close to each other, a collision can result in the loss of life in a matter of seconds.

Drive Calmly

If the road is foggy and you are in a hurry to reach somewhere, driving faster will only ensure that you don’t reach your destination at all. In such a case, you must remember to drive calmly, and slowly and make sure to fix your eyes on the road. Being in a rush can impact the way you drive, and this can be extremely detrimental to your life and your car.

Be Aware

If you are planning to drive a car on the road, being aware is the best that you can do for yourself and the people traveling with you. Keep your eyes on the road and drive vigilantly. Staying aware will make you spot any faulty driving patterns followed by those on the road and safeguard yourself instantly.

Clean Your Windshield

Clean Your Windshield

Before you head out, make sure to wipe off the layer of fog and dewdrops from your car’s windshield and make your car window as clear as a canvas. Make sure to wipe off not just your main windshield but also the back of your car. Doing so will give you the ability to see long-off distances and drive accordingly.

The foggy season can be a dangerous one for driving cars, but with these tips, you will be able to pave the way for a safe and happy ride, every time you drive your car! Lastly, we recommend every car owner invest in a good set of tires to keep themselves safe in the foggy season. Learn more about the importance of good tires and buy tyres online UAE if need be.