What Are the Different Types of Plastic Surgery?


Have you ever got confused between plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery or do you think both are the same? They look familiar but yet they are different. Plastic surgery deal with reconstruction and restoration of body parts which are deformed by birth or through accidents, diseases or trauma whereas cosmetic surgery deal with enhancing the patient’s existing appearance for better looks.

Trends have been changing for both surgeries. Earlier people used to get plastic surgery done only in case of real emergencies in contrast to now, where everyone is going under knives to enhance their appearance. There are different types of plastic surgery but let’s focus on a few important surgeries here. To see the complete list of plastic surgery Dubai types.

Surgeries on Skin

Under this we have chemical peels (to improve skin tone), scar removal (deep scar removal is done through dermaplaning procedure by using dermatome instrument, Vein removal (this is done to people suffering from varicose veins where veins form knots and thus causing pain and restrictive moment, Tattoo removal, Botox injections and many more.

Head, Face and Neck Surgery

Treatment of Bell’s palsy (nerve gets decompressed or bulges which limits blood and oxygen supply to face, Jaw correction (correction of deformed jaws due to birth or accident) lip augmentation and Cleft lip (improper lip formation of lip where you will see lip having a slit), face lift (sagging skin is tightened by removing excess fat and pulling the skin), forehead and eyebrow lift, nasal reconstruction and surgery.

Plastic Surgery Dubai

Breast Surgery

Breast augmentation helps in increasing, decreasing the breast size, reconstruction of sagging breasts known as breast lift, breast reconstruction is also opted by many breast cancer patients it really helps boost the morale of a patient. Breast surgery is also done to male who are suffering from overgrown breasts due to hormonal imbalance, this condition is called as gynecomastia.

Abdomen Surgery

Tummy tuck is the most preferred treatment by many people. Everyone wants to look slim and trim and want to wear their favorite clothing line which they love the most but couldn’t due to excess fat in the stomach region. In men, you see most of them going for surgeries to treat love handles and waist fat reduction.

Hands and Legs Surgery

Deformation of hands and legs due to birth defects and also reconstruction of limbs due to accidents are handled here. Shoulder dislocation, arthritis, rotator cuff surgery, fractures.