Five Tips to Buy the Ideal Industrial Generator

There are different points to take into considerations while shortlisting industrial generators. Keep a technician beside you in case you need advice on any matter. Here are some pointers we have made to ensure you invest in the most suitable industrial generator.


When choosing your generator, make sure you choose one of a reputed energy solutions UAE company that can also provide installation and maintenance services. Choose a generator company that understands your power supply needs and handles the work accurately and quickly.

Power Capacity

Assess the extent of the area you are trying to cover under this generator and decide your budget accordingly. Once you have done this, half the battle is won. After this, you must decide if you want to power the entire premises by this generator or only the parts of it. When choosing a generator, don’t forget the amperage that is provided to your site by the local power supply. You need to call upon a good technician to analyze how much power you will be needing and consult you in buying the correct generator.

Understand the Fuel Types

Power generators use gas, petrol or diesel as fuel. The cost and availability of the fuel you are going to choose matters. The same goes for regulations regarding the same. They should be taken into consideration to avoid any complications. You have a choice between going for the gas, diesel or petrol type as per your budget and needs.

Energy Solutions UAE


Rooftop placement of the generator is the most commonly chosen option. But before making a decision, check if your roof is strong enough to bear the weight of the generator and that you aren’t breaking any rules by installing it on the roof. Do NOT install it in a basement if your area is prone to flooding. However, if you do decide to install it indoors, make sure to provide sufficient ventilation. We recommend that you think about installing it away from the building and closer to the fuel source.

Transfer Switch

Nowadays, it is common to find an automatic transfer switch in your generator. This way, when there is a power outage, you power supply will automatically switch from your normal power supply to generator supply. Manual transfer switch can be installed if you want. That depends upon your needs, like you won’t install a manual transfer switch in a hospital.

Types of Container

You can choose between an open and enclosed container to store the generator in. choose an enclosed container that will reduce sound if your area has noise restrictions. There are other kinds of enclosures for different climate, temperature and noise issues.

These were some of the important pointers to remember when shopping for a good generator for your jobsite.