Benefits of Obtaining a Second Nationality

Passport is an identity used to indicate the citizenship of any country while traveling. In simple words, having a second nationality means possessing Dual Citizenship. This simply implies that a person is a citizen under the laws of two countries and enjoy the privileges that citizens of both the countries enjoy. As a matter of fact, the benefits of having a second nationality extend far beyond ease of mere traveling.

Although getting it might not be entirely easy, the long-term benefits certainly make up for all the efforts in getting a second passport. Below are the reasons you should consider obtaining a second nationality. If you are still not sure how to go about obtaining a dual citizenship, schedule an appointment with PassPro, one of the top dual citizenship agencies in the Emirates.

Two passports

Two passports

A second nationality gives you more than one passport. Your passport is the access key to shuttling between two or more countries without facing any hurdle or having to wait for any kind of visa approval from either of the countries before travelling. This is particularly advantageous because it can save your valuable time and resource apart from easily making your way through immigration questions and strict customs checks – all because you are considered a citizen of the country already.

Access to Properties

Real estate worldwide

Not all countries have laws that allow non-citizens to buy or own properties. If you are a citizen of one country, you can own various kinds of properties for residential or commercial purposes, or even as an investment. If you are a frequent traveler, buying a home in the countries you travel to can help you save a lot of money that you would otherwise spend on staying in expensive hotels. For businessmen, the option to buy a commercial property or an office opens new opportunities to expand business.

Bigger and Better Opportunities

With dual citizenship, you have better opportunities than those who have a work permit, visitor visa or tourist visa. People with a second nationality get more work offers. Job offers land in the kitty faster as employers like to work with someone who is a citizen of their country. This reduces their cost in procuring expensive permits and visas. However, staying in two countries exposes people with dual citizens to the work ethics and experience of two countries. Organizations consider this an advantage.

Reduced Prices and Lesser Restrictions

As someone who has dual nationality, you are entitled to lower expenses on education. People who come in with student visas pay the fees for foreign students. However, a student with the citizenship of the country pays the same fee as the citizens of that country. Besides, as a citizen of the country, you will not have to worry about the visa expiration date in case of overstaying.

Means of Investment for the Government

Dual citizenship can also be an advantage to some countries. It can open options of individual investment that can stabilize the economy or help it grow. In Guatemala, people who want to become a citizen can purchase a $50,000 government bond. In Dominica, you are required to invest a minimum of $100,000 to be able to apply for citizenship. This helps grow the country’s economy with the huge investments from individuals of other countries.

Simple Steps to Get Help if your Car Rental has Met with an Accident

There is no doubt that the road infrastructure of UAE is well developed and meets international standards. The road and transport authority (RTA) are always on the lookout in attempts to avoid any unfortunate accidents or congestions on the highways. With state-of-the-art traffic control systems and speed cameras, it would look like an accident should be unheard of in the UAE.

Nevertheless, despite the world-class infrastructure, unfortunately, still accidents are witnessed on Emirates roads. Dealing with such a situation in the UAE is not as difficult as you might think. Here are some simple steps to take when you meet with an accident and assist you on better handling of the situation.

First Take Safety Precautions

The primary action is to try and calm down, don’t panic and aggravate the damages further, take a deep breath and think clearly. Proceed to setting-up the hazard triangle and/or keeping your hazards lights on. Have a look at passengers in the other vehicle, to check if they sustained any injuries. Do the same to yourself. Additionally, check if you are away from the traffic lane, to not obstruct traffic. If so, navigate away to a safer distance. Visit for more safety steps.

Rent a Car - Speedy Drive

Don’t Attempt to Flee

Never attempt to escape or flee the accident scene unless you’re just moving away to safety as explained earlier. There are consequences if caught attempting to flee the scene including car confiscation for 7 days a fine of AED 500 and 6 black points on your driving. If you notice the other driver attempting to flee, record their car number plate and hand the same to the authorities as soon as they arrive.

Inform the Authorities of The Accident

Importantly, you should make a call to the police even if the accident is minor with no serious injuries. You can also use the Dubai police app to take images of the traffic accident scene as well as close shots of the vehicle damages. When the police arrive, don’t fly offer with your temper and star an argument as who to blame. In short, keep your cool and only speak when necessary. Also, don’t try to interfere with the police warm up to the police with frenzied gestures.

Get a Police Analysis Report

The reason why you need to always contact the police as soon as possible is that you need a police report to file a claim with the car insurance company.  All rented cars are required to have comprehensive insurance to ensure the driver renting the car. The police analysis report can either be a pink (or red) slip which indicates you’re guilty of the accident. If it’s a green form, it means you are innocent of the situation and not to blame. If you get a red slip, then you have to personally finance the repairs r to the rental car in your possession.